Autonomous Identity 2021.8.0

What’s New in 2021.8.0

Autonomous Identity 2021.8.0 is a major release that contains a collection of fixes and RFEs. These fixes have been grouped together and released as part of our commitment to support our customers.

To view the list of fixes in this release, see Key Fixes in Autonomous Identity 2021.8.0. For general information on ForgeRock’s maintenance and patch releases, see Maintenance and Patch availability policy.

You can deploy Autonomous Identity 2021.8.0 as an initial deployment, or upgrade it from an existing 2021.3.2 deployment.

New Features

Autonomous Identity 2021.8.0 introduces a number of new and exciting features in this release:

  • New Roles Workshop. Autonomous Identity 2021.8.0 now provides a powerful role management system that lets you fully create and analyze all roles in your system. The Roles Workshop is the main dashboard for managing your roles. You can create drafts from discovered candidates in the latest role mining job, or create new roles from scratch. For more information, see Roles Management Tasks.

    roles workshop
  • New Roles Catalog. The Roles Catalog page lists your active roles in production, and lets you export some or all your roles to JSON.

    roles catalog
  • New Data Sources. Autonomous Identity has a new and highly performant ingestion system to support new data source files types: CSV, JDBC, and Generic. Companies can import data with these different file sources without having to convert to a singular format. For more information, see Set Data Sources.

    data sources new
  • New Data Sources Sync Types. The Data Sources page also provides synchronization types that lets you ingest data in different modes: full, incremental, enrichment, and delete. For more information, see Set Data Sources.

    data sources sync types

  • New Self Service Page. The Self Service page lets administrators reset their personal account information and create time-based API keys for users. For more information, see Self Service.

    autoid self service
  • New Manage Identities Page. The Manage Identities page lets administrators add, edit, or deactivate users in the system as well as assign specific roles. For more information, see Manage Identities.

    autoid manage identities
  • New Jobs Page. The Jobs page lets administrators run the analytics pipeline steps using a UI interface. The previous analytics command-line steps can also be used to run the analytics pipeline. For more information, see Run Analytics.

    autoid jobs
  • Updated Roles Entity Definitions. The Entity Definitions page now lets you add new Roles attributes to the schema. For more information, see Set Entity Definitions.

    entity definitions roles

  • Updated Analytics Settings. The Analytics Settings page has been expanded to include role discovery settings and analytics Spark job configuration. For more information, see Set Analytics Thresholds.

    analytics settings
  • Improvements/Changes in Configuration.

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