Former Installation Guide Topics

The following table maps locations in the DS 6.5 document to locations in the new documentation set:

Old LocationNew Location

Before You Install


Installing Server Software Files

Unpack Files

Installing a Directory Server

Install DS for Evaluation

Using Directory Server Setup Profiles

Setup Profiles

Installing a Directory Proxy Server

Install Directory Proxy

Installing a Replication Server

Install Standalone Servers

Installing the REST to LDAP Gateway

Install a REST to LDAP Gateway

Installing the DSML Gateway

Install a DSML Gateway

Upgrading a Directory Server

Directory Server

Upgrading a Directory Proxy Server

Directory Proxy

Upgrading a Replication Server

Replication Server

Upgrading the REST to LDAP Gateway

REST to LDAP Gateway

Upgrading the DSML Gateway

DSML Gateway

Removing Server Software


Installation Reference



Getting Support

Get support



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