This page describes the CDM’s legacy backup and restore implementation, which is now deprecated. We strongly recommend that you transition to the current CDM backup and restore implementation as soon as possible.

Set up an S3 bucket for the DS data backup, and configure the forgeops artifacts with the location and credentials for the S3 bucket:

  1. Create or identify an existing S3 bucket for storing the DS data backup, and note the S3 link of the bucket.

  2. Make sure that your current Kubernetes context references the CDM cluster and the prod namespace.

  3. Create secrets that contain credentials to write to cloud storage. The DS pods will use these when performing backups:

    1. Create the cloud-storage-credentials-cts secret:

      $ kubectl create secret generic cloud-storage-credentials-cts \
       --from-literal=AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=my-access-key \
       --from-literal=AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=my-access-key \
       --dry-run --output yaml | kubectl apply --filename -
    2. Create the cloud-storage-credentials-idrepo secret:

      $ kubectl create secret generic cloud-storage-credentials-idrepo \
       --from-literal=AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=my-access-key \
       --from-literal=AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=my-access-key \
       --dry-run --output yaml | kubectl apply --filename -
  4. Set the backup location in the configuration of the running CDM instance:

    1. Get the platform-config configmap:

      $ kubectl get configmap platform-config --output yaml > my-config.yaml
    2. In the output file from the preceding step, set the DSBACKUP_DIRECTORY parameter to the S3 link of the DS data backup bucket:

      For example: DSBACKUP_DIRECTORY s3://my-backup-bucket

    3. Apply the change to the running CDM instance:

      $ kubectl apply --filename my-config.yaml
  5. Apply the same change to your local Kustomization overlay file to ensure that the backup location is configured correctly the next time you deploy the CDM:

    1. Change to the /path/to/forgeops/kustomize/base/kustomizeConfig directory.

    2. Edit the kustomization.yaml file and set the DSBACKUP_DIRECTORY parameter to the S3 link of the DS data backup bucket.

      For example: DSBACKUP_DIRECTORY s3://my-backup-bucket

  6. Restart the pods that perform backups, so that DS can obtain the backup location and the credentials needed to write to the backup location:

    $ kubectl delete pods ds-cts-0
    $ kubectl delete pods ds-idrepo-0

Now you are ready to schedule backups.

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