Skaffold troubleshooting

Push setup

If the forgeops build command fails because Skaffold does not have permissions to push a Docker image, Skaffold might be trying to push to the Docker hub. The reported image name will be something like

When running on Minikube, Skaffold assumes that a push is not required, because it can docker build directly to the Docker machine. If it is attempting to push to Docker Hub, it is because Skaffold thinks it is not running on Minikube. Make sure your Minikube context is named minikube.

An alternate solution is to modify the Docker build specification in the skaffold.yaml file, setting the value of the local.push key to false. For more information, see the Skaffold documentation.

Logging verbosity

Skaffold provides different levels of debug logging information. When you encounter issues deploying the platform with Skaffold, you can set the logging verbosity to display more messages. The additional messages might help you identify problems.

For example:

$ cd /path/to/forgeops
$ skaffold dev -v debug
INFO[0000] starting gRPC server on port 50051
INFO[0000] starting gRPC HTTP server on port 50052
INFO[0000] Skaffold &{Version:v0.38.0 ConfigVersion:skaffold/v1beta14 GitVersion: GitCommit:1012d7339d0055ab93d7f88e95b7a89292ce77f6 GitTreeState:clean BuildDate:2020-09-13T02:16:09Z GoVersion:go1.13 Compiler:gc Platform:darwin/amd64}
DEBU[0000] config version (skaffold/v1beta12) out of date: upgrading to latest (skaffold/v1beta14)
DEBU[0000] found config for context "minikube"
DEBU[0000] Defaulting build type to local build
DEBU[0000] validating yamltags of struct SkaffoldConfig
DEBU[0000] validating yamltags of struct Metadata
. . .
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