About ForgeOps benchmarking

ForgeOps benchmarks provides instructions for running lightweight benchmarks to give you a means for validating your own ForgeOps deployment.

The ForgeOps team runs the same benchmark tests. Our results are available upon request from ForgeRock. To get them, contact your ForgeRock sales representative.

We conduct our tests using the configurations specified for small, medium, and large clusters. We create our clusters using the techniques described in the Setup documentation.

  • 1,000,000 test users for a small cluster.

  • 10,000,000 test users for a medium cluster.

  • 100,000,000 test users for a large cluster.

Finally, we run tests that measure authentication rates and OAuth 2.0 authorization code flow performance.

If you follow the same method of performing a ForgeOps deployment and running benchmarks, the results you obtain should be similar to ForgeRock’s results. However, factors beyond the scope of ForgeOps deployment or a failure to use our documented sizing and configuration may affect your benchmark test results. These factors might include (but are not limited to) updates to cloud platform SDKs, changes to third-party software required for Kubernetes, and changes you have made to sizing or configuration to suit your business needs.

ForgeOps deployments are designed to:

  • Conform to DevOps best practices

  • Facilitate continuous integration and continuous deployment

  • Scale and deploy on any Kubernetes environment in the cloud

If you require higher performance than the benchmarks reported here, you can scale your deployment horizontally and vertically. Vertically scaling ForgeRock Identity Platform works particularly well in the cloud. For more information about scaling your deployment, contact your qualified ForgeRock partner or technical consultant.

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