Custom IG image

The default IG configuration provided for use with ForgeOps deployments is an example and is not meant for use in production. Replace this configuration with your own routes before using IG in your environment.

Refer to the IG Deployment Guide for configuring routes.

To build a custom IG image and deploy IG:

  1. Verify that your ForgeOps deployment is up and running.

  2. Set up your environment to push to your Docker registry.

  3. Configure IG by creating, modifying, or deleting rules in the /path/to/forgeops/docker/ig/config-profiles/my-profile/config/routes-service directory.

  4. Identify the repository to which you’ll push the Docker image. You’ll use this location in the next step to specify the --push-to argument’s value.

  5. Build a new ig image that includes your changes to IG static configuration:

    $ cd /path/to/forgeops/bin
    $ ./forgeops build ig --config-profile my-profile --push-to my-repo
    Generating tags...
     - ig → ig:0a27bdfea
    Checking cache...
     - ig: Not found. Building
    Starting build...
    Found [minikube] context, using local docker daemon.
    Building [ig]...
    Sending build context to Docker daemon  55.81kB
    Step 1/5 : FROM
     --→ ba6f8150204e
    Step 2/5 : ARG CONFIG_PROFILE=cdk
    Step 5/5 : COPY --chown=forgerock:root . /var/ig
     --→ c173995218a3
    Successfully built c173995218a3
    Successfully tagged ig:0a27bdfea
    Updated the image_defaulter with your new image for ig: "ig:c173995218a3c55dbca76fff08588153db0693a51ff0904e6adee34b7163340a"
  6. Uninstall the previously deployed IG from your ForgeOps deployment:

    1. Set the active namespace in your local Kubernetes context to the namespace in which you have deployed the IG.

    2. Delete IG:

      $ ./forgeops delete ig
      "cdk" platform detected in namespace: "my-namespace".
      Uninstalling component(s): ['ig'] from namespace: "my-namespace".
      OK to delete components? [Y/N] Y
      secret "openig-secrets-env" deleted
      service "ig" deleted
      deployment.apps "ig" deleted
  7. Deploy IG using your customized IG image:

    $ ./forgeops install ig --cdk
    Checking secret-agent operator and related CRDs: secret-agent CRD found in cluster.
    Checking ds-operator and related CRDs: ds-operator CRD found in cluster.
    Installing component(s): ['ig']
    secret/openig-secrets-env created
    service/ig created
    deployment.apps/ig created
    Enjoy your deployment!
  8. Run the kubectl get pods command to check the status of the IG pod. Wait until the IG pod is ready before proceeding to the next step.

  9. Verify that your IG routes work.

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