June 30, 2022

IDM canonical configuration in the docker/idm/config-profiles/cdk directory

The IDM canonical configuration has been removed from the docker/idm/config-profiles/cdk directory. The configuration is now incorporated into the idm-cdk Docker image from ForgeRock.

It’s no longer necessary to copy files from this directory when initializing a new configuration profile.

Installing the CDK using the skaffold run command

The ability to install the CDK using the skaffold run command, deprecated in version 7.1, is no longer available.

Use the bin/forgeops install command instead.

The cdk command

The cdk command has been removed from the forgeops repository.

Instead, use the new forgeops command to install ForgeRock Identity Platform components into the CDK, build custom Docker images, and delete components from the CDK. Note that for installing components into the CDK, you’ll need to specify the --cdk option. For example, forgeops install am --cdk.

The print-secrets command

The print-secrets command

The forgeops info command provides equivalent functionality in this version of the forgeops repository.

July 12, 2021

Cloud Deployment Quickstart (CDQ)

CDQ installation using the script is no longer available in the forgeops repository.

August 10, 2020

AM, Amster, IDM, DS, and IG Dockerfiles

Dockerfiles for building AM, Amster, IDM, DS, and IG base images are no longer in the forgeops repository. They’re now distributed with the AM, Amster, IDM, DS and IG binaries.

Base Docker images provides instructions for obtaining version 7 Dockerfiles and building base images using the Dockerfiles.

Helm charts

Helm charts, which were used to deploy the ForgeRock Identity Platform in earlier versions, are no longer used. They’ve been removed from the forgeops repository.

amster pod

AM file-based configuration triggers Amster jobs as needed for importing and exporting AM run-time data.

Because of this, the amster pod has been removed from the CDK and CDM deployments.

PostgreSQL pod

IDM now uses DS for its repository. Because of this, the PostgreSQL pod has been removed from the CDK and CDM deployments.

web pod

The web pod has been removed from the CDK and CDM deployments.

February 20, 2020

forgeops-init repository

The forgeops-init repository is no longer available on GitHub. Previously, you used this repository as a starting point for creating a custom configuration repository.

In the current version, starter configurations for AM, IDM, and IG reside in the forgeops repository.

bash scripts for CDM cluster creation

The bash scripts used for CDM cluster creation have been removed from the forgeops repository.

The current version uses Pulumi software to create clusters for CDM deployments instead of using bash scripts.

Downloader utility

Binary images are needed when you build Docker images for the ForgeRock Identity Platform. In the previous version, you obtained binary images of ForgeRock Identity Platform software from Artifactory by using the Downloader utility provided in the forgeops repository.

The process for building Docker images for the ForgeRock Identity Platform has changed. Instead of using the Downloader utility, obtain the images from ForgeRock BackStage.

Refer to Base Docker images for more information.

AM WAR file customization script

In previous versions, the script provided a way to customize the AM web container before AM started.

This script has been removed from the forgeops repository. To customize the AM web container, you can:

  • Create a Dockerfile that inherits from the AM base Docker image, and then overlay changes to the exploded AM WAR file into the /usr/local/tomcat/webapps/openam directory.

  • Customize the AM WAR file you downloaded from ForgeRock Backstage, and then copy it into the docker/6.5/am directory before you build an AM base image.

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