Connection Pooling Configuration


Connectors continue to be released outside the IDM release. For the latest documentation, refer to the ICF documentation.

Certain connectors support the ability to be pooled. For a pooled connector, ICF maintains a pool of connector instances and reuses these instances for multiple provisioning and reconciliation operations. When an operation must be executed, an existing connector instance is taken from the connector pool. If no connector instance exists, a new instance is initialized. When the operation has been executed, the connector instance is released back into the connector pool, ready to be used for a subsequent operation.

For an unpooled connector, a new connector instance is initialized for every operation. When the operation has been executed, ICF disposes of the connector instance.

Because the initialization of a connector is an expensive operation, reducing the number of connector initializations can substantially improve performance.

To configure connection pooling, set the following values in the connector configuration file poolConfigOptions property:


The maximum number of connector instances in the pool (both idle and active). The default value is 10 instances.


The maximum number of idle connector instances in the pool. The default value is 10 idle instances.


The maximum period to wait for a free connector instance to become available before failing. The default period is 150000 milliseconds, or 150 seconds.


The minimum period to wait before evicting an idle connector instance from the pool. The default period is 120000 milliseconds, or 120 seconds.


The minimum number of idle connector instances in the pool. The default value is 1 instance.

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