The configureconnector subcommand generates a configuration for an ICF connector.

Usage is as follows:

./ configureconnector --user username:password --name connector-name

Select the type of connector that you want to configure. The following example configures a new CSV connector:

./ configureconnector --user openidm-admin:openidm-admin --name myCsvConnector
Executing ./
Starting shell in /path/to/openidm
Mar 26, 2020 06:08:52 PM org.forgerock.openidm.core.FilePropertyAccessor loadProps
0. SSH Connector version
1. ServiceNow Connector version
2. Scripted SQL Connector version
3. Scripted REST Connector version
4. Scim Connector version
5. Salesforce Connector version
6. MongoDB Connector version
7. Marketo Connector version
8. LDAP Connector version
9. Kerberos Connector version
10. Scripted Poolable Groovy Connector version
11. Scripted Groovy Connector version
12. GoogleApps Connector version
13. Database Table Connector version
14. CSV File Connector version
15. Adobe Marketing Cloud Connector version
16. Exit
Select [0..17]:   14
Edit the configuration file and run the command again. The configuration was saved to

The basic configuration is saved in a file named /openidm/temp/provisioner.openicf-connector-name.json. Edit at least the configurationProperties parameter in this file to complete the connector configuration. For example, for a CSV connector:

"configurationProperties" : {
    "headerPassword" : "password",
    "csvFile" : "&{idm.instance.dir}/data/csvConnectorData.csv",
    "newlineString" : "\n",
    "headerUid" : "uid",
    "quoteCharacter" : "\"",
    "fieldDelimiter" : ",",
    "syncFileRetentionCount" : 3

For more information about the connector configuration properties, see Configure Connectors.

When you have modified the file, run the configureconnector command again so that IDM can pick up the new connector configuration:

./ configureconnector --user openidm-admin:openidm-admin --name myCsvConnector
Executing ./
Starting shell in /path/to/openidm
Using boot properties at /path/to/openidm/resolver/
Configuration was found and read from: /path/to/openidm/temp/provisioner.openicf-myCsvConnector.json

You can now copy the new provisioner.openicf-myCsvConnector.json file to your project's conf/ subdirectory.

You can also configure connectors over the REST interface, or through the Admin UI. For more information, see Configure Connectors.

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