Disable Automatic Synchronization Operations

By default, all mappings are automatically synchronized. A change to a managed object is automatically synchronized to all resources for which the managed object is configured as a source. If liveSync is enabled for a system, changes to an object on that system are automatically propagated to the managed object repository.

To prevent automatic synchronization for a specific mapping, set the enableSync property of that mapping to false. In the following example, implicit synchronization is disabled. This means that changes to objects in the internal repository are not automatically propagated to the LDAP directory. To propagate changes to the LDAP directory, reconciliation must be launched manually:

    "mappings" : [
            "name" : "managedUser_systemLdapAccounts",
            "source" : "managed/user",
            "target" : "system/ldap/account",
            "enableSync" : false,

If enableSync is set to false for a mapping from a system resource to managed/user (for example "systemLdapAccounts_managedUser"), liveSync is disabled for that mapping.

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