Scheduling LiveSync Through the UI

To configure liveSync through the UI, set up a liveSync schedule as follows:

  1. Select Configure > Schedules > Add Schedule.

  2. Complete the schedule configuration. For more information about these fields, see "Configuring Scheduled Synchronization".


    The scheduler configuration assumes a simple trigger type by default, so the Cron-like Trigger field is disabled. You should use simple triggers for liveSync schedules to avoid problems related to daylight savings time. For more information, see "Schedules and Daylight Savings Time".

  3. By default, the UI creates schedules using the scheduler service, rather than the configuration service. To create this schedule in the configuration service, select the Save as Config Object option. If your deployment enables writes to configuration files, this option also creates a corresponding schedule-schedule-name.json file in your project's conf directory.

    For more information on the distinction between the scheduler service and the configuration service, see "Configure the Scheduler Service".

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