IG 2023.2


Used by the following filters to indicate that a login redirect is pending:

For a single request there must be at most one instance of AuthRedirectContext in the context hierarchy. Confirm for the presence of an AuthRedirectContext before adding a new instance or adding query parameters to an existing instance.


"isImpendingIgRedirectNotified": boolean

Returns true if an IG redirect attempt is pending. Otherwise, returns false.

"notifyImpendingIgRedirectAndUpdateUri": URI

Notifies that an IG redirection has been attempted, and returns an updated URI as follows:

  • If no query parameters are added to the context, return the original URI.

  • If query parameters are added to the context, apply them to the URI and return an updated URI.

  • If the added query parameters have the same name as existing query parameters, replace the existing parameters and return an updated URI.

For example, a request to example.com/profile triggers a login redirect to example.com/login. After authentication, the request is expected to be redirected to the original URI, example.com/profile.

"addQueryParameter": java.lang.String

Adds a query parameter to the context, for use by notifyImpendingIgRedirectAndUpdateUri.

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