PingGateway 2024.6

Download PingGateway

The .zip file unpacks into a /path/to/identity-gateway-2024.6.0 directory with the following content:

  • bin: Start and stop executables

  • classes: Initially empty; used to install patches from ForgeRock support

  • docker/Dockerfile: Dockerfile and README to build a PingGateway Docker image

  • legal-notices: Licenses and copyrights

  • lib: PingGateway and third-party libraries

  1. Create a local installation directory for PingGateway. The examples in this section use /path/to.

    The installation directory should be a new, empty directory. Installing PingGateway into an existing installation directory can cause errors.
  2. Download from the BackStage download site, and copy the .zip file to the installation directory:

    $ cp /path/to/
  3. Unzip the file:

    $ unzip

    The directory /path/to/identity-gateway-2024.6.0 is created.

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