PingGateway 2024.6

Audits and logs

Audit trails

Audits in PingGateway record access to a route. Audit logs in operating systems detect system login attempts and changes to the software.

The PingGateway audit logging service adheres to the log structure common across the Ping Identity Platform. For information, refer to Audit the deployment.

Prevent logging of sensitive data for audit events by excluding fields from the audit logs. For information, refer to Including or excluding audit event fields in logs.

Log files

Logs in PingGateway contain informational, error, and warning events, to troubleshoot and debug transactions and events that take place within the PingGateway instance.

Protect logs from unauthorised access, and make sure they contain a minimum of sensitive or personally identifiable information that could be used in attacks.

When using a CaptureDecorator, mask captured header and attribute values to avoid disclosing information, such as token values or passwords. For information, refer to CaptureDecorator.

Limit the number of repeat log messages to prevent log flow attacks, by adding a custom logback.xml with a DuplicateMessageFilter. For information, refer to Limit repetitive log messages.

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