PingGateway 2024.6

Start and stop PingGateway

Start PingGateway with default settings

Use the following step to start the instance of PingGateway, specifying the configuration directory where PingGateway looks for configuration files.

  1. Start PingGateway:

    • Linux

    • Windows

    $ /path/to/PingGateway-2024.6.0/bin/
    ... started in 1234ms on ports : [8080 8443]

    By default, PingGateway configuration files are located under $HOME/.openig (on Windows appdata\OpenIG). For information about how to use a different location, refer to Configuration location.

  2. Check that PingGateway is running in one of the following ways:

    • Ping PingGateway at and make sure an HTTP 200 is returned.

    • Display the product version and build information at

Stop PingGateway

Use the script to stop an instance of PingGateway, specifying the instance directory as an argument. If the instance directory isn’t specified, PingGateway uses the default instance directory:

  • Linux

  • Windows

$ /path/to/PingGateway-2024.6.0/bin/ $HOME/.openig
C:\path\to\identity-gateway-2024.6.0\bin\stop.bat appdata\OpenIG
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