Java Policy Agents 2024.6

Logout Entry URI Map

A map of redirection resources to which the agent redirects the user after logout triggered by Logout URI Map or Logout Request Parameter Map. The resource can be an HTML page or JSP file. Use the following key:value format:

Logout Entry URI Map[web application name] = logout resource

To configure logout redirection for a specific web application, set the key to the name of the web application. To configure logout redirection for all web applications, leave the key empty (Logout Entry URI Map = default logout resource).

Specified resources are automatically added to the not-enforced list so that they can be accessed without authentication.

Depending on the type and value of the redirection resource, perform this additional configuration:

  • If the resource is a URL that doesn’t perform a REST logout to AM, set Always invalidate sessions to true. The agent additionally invokes the AM REST logout endpoint to invalidate the session.

  • If the resource is a URL that isn’t relative to an AM URL, or in the same scheme, FQDN, and port as an AM URL, add it to the AM validation service.

For more information, refer to Conditionally log out to different URLs.

Property name


  Introduced in Java Agent 5.0
  Recognized from AM 6
  Introduced in Java Agent 5.6





  • Keys: web application

  • Values: URI of page explaining the user has been logged out

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Tab: Application

Title: Logout Entry URI Map

Legacy title: Logout Entry URI

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