Java Policy Agents 2024.6

Public AM URL

The assembled "public" URL of AM. This URL is used by the agent to redirect the user’s browser to AM for login (customised or not), or if necessary, exchange an SSO token for a JWT.

The following properties make up the URL:

The "private" URL is used by the agent for tasks such as establishing websockets, and obtaining authentication tokens or session information. The AM or load balancer instance can be behind a firewall to which the agent has access.

Define this property when public access to AM is restricted to a different URL from the private URL.

Property name

  Introduced in Java Agent
  Introduced in Java Agent


Miscellaneous, Required



Bootstrap property


Required property

Yes - If this property is missing, the agent fails to start

Restart required

Yes - Restart the container after changing the property

Local configuration file

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