Java Policy Agents 2024.6

Logout Request Parameter Map

A map of request parameters that trigger logout of the user session. Use the following key:value format:

Logout Request Parameter Map[web application name] = parameter name to trigger logout

The agent searches every incoming request for the parameter. When the agent detects the parameter, it invokes AM to kill the current session for the specified web application or all web applications.

The request URL must contain the parameter but does not need to assign a value to the parameter.

Although logout can be triggered from any web application by invoking one common URI, you can adapt it for particular web applications:

  • To specify one parameter for all web applications, leave the key empty.

  • To specify a parameter for a particular web application, specify the name of the web application as the key.

Property name

  Introduced in Java Agent 5.6

  Introduced in Java Agent 5.0
  Recognized from AM 6





  • Keys: web application

  • Values: (single) HTTP query parameter to trigger logout

Bootstrap property


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Local configuration file

AM console

Tab: Application

Title: Logout Request Parameter Map

Legacy title: Logout Request Parameter

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