Web Policy Agents 2023.11

AM Logout URL

The page to which the agent redirects the end user on log out. It can be a page in AM, such as https://am.example.com:8443/am/UI/Logout?realm=/alpha, or a page in the application.

The AM logout page invalidates the user session in AM, but pages in an application might not invalidate the user session in AM. See Enable Invalidate Logout Session for configuration options.

Default: AM_URL/am/UI/Logout

By default, a realm is not included in the logout URL, and the user is redirected to the root realm on logout. Take care to include a realm if required.

Property name

  Introduced in Web Agent 4.x


Logout redirect


String Map

Bootstrap property


Required property


Restart required


AM console

Tab: AM Services

Title: AM Logout URL

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