Web Policy Agents 5.9.1

Public AM URL

The full URL of AM when it is behind a proxy during the custom login flow. For example, protocol://public_am_fqdn:port/openam.

Use this property when both of the following points are true:

  • Your environment uses custom login pages (non-OIDC-compliant flows), and the custom login pages are in a different domain than the agent.

  • Your custom login pages are in a network that can only access AM using a proxy, a firewall, or any other technology that remaps the AM URL to one accessible by the custom login pages.

Consider an example where the traffic between AM and the agent happens through the example-internal.com domain, but the custom login pages are on the example-external.com domain. The traffic between the custom pages and AM translates am.example-internal.com into am.example-external.com. You would configure https://am.example-external.com:8443/openam as the public AM URL.

Not available in the console for AM 6.0.x.

Default: Empty

Property name


Property aliases

com.forgerock.agents.public.am.url (since 5.7)



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