Web Policy Agents 5.9.1

Incompatible Changes

Incompatible Changes in Web Agent 5.9.1

No incompatible changes were introduced in this release.

Incompatible Changes in Web Agent 5.9

The following changes introduced in this release can impact your migration from Web Agent 5.8:

AM 5.x.x End-of-Service-Life

AM 5.x.x has reached End-of-Service-Life (EOSL), and no is longer supported.

Error Logic for Login Time Out in Sessions

The fix for AMAGENTS-2717 changes the error logic that caused 403s to be seen on agent/cdsso-redirect or agent/custom-login-response when a user is redirected to authenticate, but then stays on the authentication page for longer than the default of 5 minutes.

This error could occur when a user logged out, was redirected for authentication by the agent, and then reopened the same browser the next day. Similarly, it could occur with a similar use case, on a mobile browser application.

Workarounds that were previously recommended, such as using non-default values for Profile Attributes Cookie Maxage, Enable POST Data Preservation, and POST Data Entries Cache Period, are no longer necessary or advised.

To prevent problems, remove such workarounds from your configuration. If you have not customized these properties, no change is required.

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