What’s New

Keep Session Cache After Configuration Change

Retain Session Cache After Configuration Change is a new property to stop the agent from purging the session cache each time the agent configuration is changed. Use this property to prevent the agent from flooding AM instances with requests, when the agent configuration changes regularly, and the changes do not affect the agent authorisation decisions.

Profile, Response, and Session Attributes Take Multiple Values

The following properties can now take multiple values:

In previous releases, they could take only one value.

Reduced Authentication Requests to AM

The agent reads its configuration from AM in the following situations:

  • When it connects to AM

  • After a configuration change

  • When it authenticates with AM

If the AM server is flooded with requests from the agent, it can become unresponsive, causing the agents to stop functioning normally and refuse access.

In previous releases, after a configuration update each request thread retrieved the new configuration, and re-authenticated with AM.

In this release, a single request thread retrieves the new configuration, and re-authenticates with AM only if necessary. Concurrent request threads wait for the time specified by TCP Receive Timeout for the retrieving request thread to complete, and then they use the new configuration.