Web Policy Agents 5.9.1

Profile Attribute Map

Maps a profile attribute to one or more HTTP headers for the authenticated user:

  • Key: LDAP attribute name, whose case must exactly match the identity store schema

  • Value: One or more HTTP header names

To populate the value of profile attribute CN under CUSTOM-Common-Name, configure com.sun.identity.agents.config.profile.attribute.mapping[CN]=CUSTOM-Common-Name.

Make sure the case of your LDAP attribute name matches the case of the LDAP schema, otherwise you may see an error similar to the following: do_header_set(): SM_LOGIN (UiD) is not available in profile attributes

In most cases, in a destination application where an HTTP header name shows up as a request header, it is prefixed by HTTP_, lower case letters become upper case, and hyphens (-) become underscores (_). For example, CUSTOM-userid becomes HTTP_CUSTOM-USERID.

Format: profile attribute = HEADER_NAME(S)


Default: Empty

Property name


Property aliases

com.sun.identity.agents.config.profile.attribute.mapping (since 4.x)


String Map

Bootstrap property


Required property


Restart required


AM console tab


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