Configuring Realm Authentication Properties

In AM, users always authenticate to a realm. Every AM realm has a set of authentication properties that applies to all authentication performed to that realm. The settings are referred to as core authentication attributes.

To configure core authentication attributes for an entire AM deployment, navigate to Configure > Authentication in the AM console, and then click Core Attributes.

The Core Authentication Attributes Page
The core authentication attributes page is divided into seven tabs.

To override the global core authentication configuration in a realm, navigate to Realms > Realm Name > Authentication > Settings in the AM console. Note that when you configure core authentication attributes in a realm, the Global tab does not appear.

Use core authentication attributes to configure:

  • The list of available authentication modules

  • Which types of clients can authenticate with which modules

  • Connection pools for access to directory servers

  • Whether to retain objects used during authentication so they can be used at logout

  • Defaults for configuring authentication in a particular realm

For detailed information about the core configuration attributes, see "Core Authentication Attributes".

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