Limitations When Using Passwordless Push Authentication

When authenticating to a passwordless push authentication tree or chain, the user will be asked to enter their user ID, but not their password. A push notification is then sent to their registered device to complete the authentication by using the ForgeRock Authenticator app.

You should be aware of the following potential limitations before deciding to implement passwordless push authentication:

  • Unsolicited push messages could be sent to a user's registered device by anyone who knew or was able to guess their user ID.

  • If a malicious user attempted to authenticate by using push at the same time as a legitimate user, the legitimate user might unintentionally approve the malicious attempt. This is because push notifications only contain the username and issuer in the text, and it is not easy to determine which notification relates to which authentication attempt.

Consider using push notifications as part of a multi-factor authentication, and not on their own.

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