Appendix A: Autonomous Identity Ports

The Autonomous Identity deployment uses the following ports. The Docker deployer machine opens the ports in the firewall on the target node. If you are using cloud virtual machines, you need to open these ports on the virtual cloud network.

Autonomous Identity uses the following ports:

Autonomous Identity Ports

Secure Docker client communication. This port is required for the Docker machine, which orchestrates the Docker hosts.


Communication between the nodes of a Docker swarm cluster. Only needed on manager nodes.


Communication among nodes for container network discovery.

4789TCPDockerOverlay network traffic.
7001TCPCassandraInternode communication.
9042TCPCassandraCQL native transport.
7077TCPSparkSpark master internode communication port.

Spark driver ports for Spark workers to callback.

443TCPAutonomous IdentityPort to access the dashboard and API.

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