Autonomous Identity User Types

Autonomous Identity supports five different user types, or personas, within its system:

  • Admin. An Admin user is similar to the notion of a system administration superuser within Autonomous Identity. Admins have access to every Autonomous Identity page view within the console. The Admin user can view the list of critical entitlements, approve or revoke access, and run other tasks.

  • Executive. An Executive user is a senior manager within a company. Executives have access to the Autonomous Identity company overview page, critical entitlements, employee page, user entitlements page, but cannot approve or revoke access, or certify entitlements to users.

  • Supervisor. A Supervisor user is one who has responsibility of other users or things and grants access to resources for these users. Supervisors can only see the entitlements of those users who report to them. They cannot view the entitlement assignments of users who report to another supervisor. Supervisors can certify entitlements to users, users to entitlements, and approve or revoke access.

  • Entitlement Owner. An Entitlement Owner is one who has the ability to grant access to entitlements that they manage to other users. Entitlement owners can only view the entitlements that they created. Entitlement owners can certify the entitlements that they manage, users to these entitlements, and approve or revoke access to these entitlements.

  • User. A user is any person or thing that has access to a resource. Users can view the their entitlements, their own profile, and their certifications.

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