Supervisor Tasks

A Supervisor user is one who has responsibility of other users and grants or revoke access to resources for these users. A supervisor has access to the Employee Overview, User Detail, and User Entitlement Detail pages. Supervisors can only view their reports' information and cannot view the data of other supervisor's users.

A Tour of the Employee Overview Page

The Employee Overview, or the Supervisor View, displays a dashboard of all users reporting to the supervisor and their entitlements.

The Employee Overview is partitioned into several modules:

  • Total Number of Entitlements. Displays the total number of entitlements assigned to users who report to the supervisor.

  • Total Number of Users. Displays the total number of users that are assigned the entitlements.

  • Users with 'Not-scored Entitlements' & 'Users without Entitlements'. Displays a list of unscored assignments that were not assigned a confidence score. These unscored entitlements stem from entitlements that have too few assigned users to determine access patterns for scoring calculations.

  • Average Confidence Score. Displays the number of confidence scores for high, mid, and low.

  • Graph of Average Confidence Scores. Displays a chart of the Average Confidence Scores versus the Number of Entitlements. You can hover over each circle to see the user's name, average confidence score, and number of entitlements assigned. If you double-click a circle, you can see the user's in the list on the right.

  • Primary Filters. Enable the Remove High Scores from Averages filter to view only the mid and low confidence scores.

  • Application Filters. Enable any of the application filters to determine the type of entitlement in this dataset. Click the Add Filters button to add more filters.

  • List. Displays a full list of users who have the assigned entitlements. You can drill down and see each user's entitlements details by clicking on the user's name.

A Tour of the User Entitlement Detail Page

The User Entitlement Detail displays the confidence score and the justified attributes for an entitlement assigned to the user. You can also view a comparison of the driving attribute factors and any differences between the user's attributes to that of the driving factors.

The User Entitlement Detail is partitioned into several modules as you scroll down:

  • Confidence Score and Justification. Displays the confidence score for the user's assignment of the entitlement and the user attributes that justified this score.

  • Confidence Score Comparison. Displays the attributes, driving factors, and user attribute values that are compared for the confidence score. The key attributes and their driving factors that lead to a high confidence score is compared to the user's attribute values. Any variance is highlighted in red.

  • Employees associated with This Entitlement. Displays the list of users with the entitlement and their confidence scores. If the users in this list have low confidence scores, the entitlement may be a good candidate for removal.

  • User Attributes. On the right, the user's profile attributes are displayed that were ingested into Autonomous Identity.

Performing Supervisor Tasks

Follow these steps to check Non-Scored Users or Users with No Entitlements:

  1. On the Employee Overview page, click the exclamation point button with the associated number of unscored entitlements, and then click View All to view the list.

  2. Click a user, and then view the Entitlement assigned to the user.

  3. In the search menu, select Entitlement, and then enter the specific entitlement to view its details.

Follow these steps to investigate a confidence score and approve or revoke access:

  1. On the Employee Overview page, view the average confidence score graph by hovering over a confidence score.

  2. Click a circle, and then click the user in the list on the right.

  3. On the User Detail page, click a confidence circle on the graph to highlight the entitlement below.

  4. Click Approve Access or Revoke access. If you want to drill down for information on the specific entitlement, click the entitlement, and then click Approve Access or Revoke Access.

Follow these steps to apply filters to your confidence score graphs:

  1. On the Employee Overview page, view the average confidence score graph.

  2. On the right, enable Remove High Scores from Average or enable any filter in the Application Filters section.

  3. To add a filter, click a category, and then click Add Filter.

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