Autonomous Identity 2021.3.1

What’s New in 2021.3.1

Autonomous Identity 2021.3.1 is the latest patch bundle release that contains a collection of fixes and minor RFEs for 2021.3.0 deployments. Theses fixes have been grouped together and released as part of our commitment to support our customers.

To view the list of fixes in this release, see Key Fixes in Autonomous Identity 2021.3.1. For general information on ForgeRock’s maintenance and patch releases, see Maintenance and Patch availability policy.

You can deploy Autonomous Identity 2021.3.1 as an initial deployment, or update from an existing 2021.3.0 deployment.

The following new improvements are introduced in this release:

  • Improvements to the UI:

    • New Assignments Entity Definitions Page. The Entity Definitions page now lets users extend the schema for assignments.

      See it in action.
    • Assignment Attribute Filters. Any new assignments attributes also appear as filterable items:

      See an image.
      assignment attribute filter
    • Editable User Manager ID. Previously, the required attribute usr_manager_id was hard-coded for use in the machine learning process. In this release, the field is now editable to make it a searchable option and/or used for machine learning.

      See an image.
      edit user manager id
    • New Display Filter. The User Details and Not Scored pages show a new Display filter that lists any attributes that have been ingested into the Assignments entity definition.

      See an image.
      user details with display
  • Improvements in Processing:

    • Analytics Recommendations. The analytics recommendation process has been updated with improved throughput and performance.

    • New Upgrade Procedure. The upgrade procedure from version 2021.3.0 to 2021.3.1 has been updated. For more information, see Upgrading Autonomous Identity.

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