DS 7.3.5

Size syntax

Sizes are specified with non-negative integers and unit specifiers, which are not case-sensitive.

Unit specifiers include the following:

  • b, bytes

  • kb, kilobytes (x1000)

  • kib, kibibytes (x1024)

  • mb, megabytes (x1000x1000)

  • mib, mebibytes (x1024x1024)

  • gb, gigabytes (x1000x1000x1000)

  • gib, gibibytes (x1024x1024x1024)

  • tb, terabytes (x1000x1000x1000x1000)

  • tib, tebibytes (x1024x1024x1024x1024)

  • unlimited, -1 (if allowed, explicitly set no upper limit)

For example, you can specify a size of 1,000,000 bytes as 1MB. To specify a size of 1,048,576 bytes, use 1MiB or 1 mib, for example.

Whitespace surrounding the value and the unit specifier is not significant. For example, "5gb" is equivalent to " 5gb ".

Some properties limit minimum or maximum sizes.

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