DS 7.3.5

Push to Graphite

The Graphite application stores numeric time-series data of the sort produced by monitoring metrics, and allows you to render graphs of that data.

Your applications, in this case DS servers, push data into Graphite. You do this by configuring the Graphite Monitor Reporter Plugin with the host and port number of the Graphite service, and with a prefix for your server, such as its FQDN. By default, the plugin pushes all metrics it produces to the Graphite service. You can opt to limit this by setting the excluded-metric-pattern or included-metric-pattern properties.

The following example configures the plugin to push metrics to Graphite at graphite.example.com:2004 every 10 seconds (default):

$ dsconfig \
 create-plugin \
 --hostname localhost \
 --port 4444 \
 --bindDN uid=admin \
 --bindPassword password \
 --plugin-name Graphite \
 --type graphite-monitor-reporter \
 --set enabled:true \
 --set graphite-server:graphite.example.com:2004 \
 --set metric-name-prefix:ds.example.com \
 --usePkcs12TrustStore /path/to/opendj/config/keystore \
 --trustStorePassword:file /path/to/opendj/config/keystore.pin \

To view metrics stored in Graphite, you can use the Graphite render API or Grafana, for example. Refer to the Graphite and Grafana documentation for details.

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