DS 7.5.0


ldifmodify — apply LDIF changes to LDIF


ldifmodify {options} source_file [changes_files…​]


This utility can be used to apply a set of modify, add, and delete operations to entries contained in an LDIF file.

If standard input is used to specify source or changes, end your input with EOF (Ctrl+D on UNIX, Ctrl+Z on Windows).


The ldifmodify command takes the following options:

Command options:

-c | --continueOnError

Continue processing even if there are errors. Default: false

-o | --outputLdif {file}

Write updated entries to {file} instead of stdout. Default: stdout

Utility input/output options:

-t | --wrapColumn {wrapColumn}

Maximum length of an output line (0 for no wrapping). Default: 0

General options:

-V | --version

Display Directory Server version information. Default: false

-H | --help

Display this usage information. Default: false

Exit codes


The command completed successfully.

> 0

An error occurred.

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