PingDS 7.5.0


makeldif — generate test LDIF


makeldif {options} template-file-path


This utility can be used to generate LDIF data based on a definition in a template file.

The template-file-path can be one of the following:

  • A full path to the template file such as /path/to/opendj/config/MakeLDIF/example.template .

  • A relative path to the template file such as ../../my-test-data.template .

  • A file name that specifies one of the template files, such as example.template , or people_and_groups.template .

The following default template and data files are provided:


List of more than 200 cities.


Template to generate a base entry and users in a branch ou=people,[suffix] , where the default setting for suffix is suffix=dc=example,dc=com .


List of more than 8000 first names.


List of more than 13000 last names.


Template to generate a base entry, users, and groups.


List of US states by their two-character codes.


List of more than 70 street names.


The makeldif command takes the following options:

Command options:

-c | --constant {name=value}

A constant that overrides the value set in the template file.

-o | --outputLdif {file}

The path to the LDIF file to be written. If the filename ends in .gz, the output will be gzipped.

-r | --resourcePath {path}

Path to look for MakeLDIF resources (e.g., data files). The utility looks for resources in the following locations in this order:

  1. The current directory where the command is run.

  2. The resource path directory.

  3. The built-in files.

-s | --randomSeed {seed}

The seed to use to initialize the random number generator. To always generate the same data with the same command, use the same non-zero seed value. A value of zero (the default) results in different data each time the tool is run. Default: 0

Utility input/output options:

-t | --wrapColumn {wrapColumn}

Maximum length of an output line (0 for no wrapping). Default: 0

General options:

-V | --version

Display Directory Server version information. Default: false

-H | --help

Display this usage information. Default: false

Exit codes


The command completed successfully.


An error occurred.

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