Authentication rate

The AMRestAuthNSim.scala simulation tests authentication rates using the REST API. It measures the throughput and response times of an AM server performing REST authentications when AM is configured to use CTS-based sessions.

To run the simulation:

  1. Make sure the userstore is provisioned, and the Directory Services cache is primed.

  2. Set environment variables that specify the host on which to run the test, the number of concurrent threads to spawn when running the test, the duration of the test (in seconds), the first part of the user ID, and the user password, and the number of users for the test:

    $ export
    $ export CONCURRENCY=100
    $ export DURATION=60
    $ export USER_PREFIX=user.
    $ export USER_PASSWORD=T35tr0ck123
    $ export USER_POOL=n-users

    where n-users is 1000000 for a small cluster, 10000000 for a medium cluster, and 100000000 for a large cluster.

  3. Configure AM for CTS-based sessions:

    1. Log in to the Identity Platform admin UI as the amadmin user. For details, see AM Services.

    2. Access the AM admin UI.

    3. Select the top level realm.

    4. Select Properties.

    5. Make sure the Use Client-based Sessions option is disabled.

      If it’s not disabled, disable it, and then select Save Changes.

  4. Change to the /path/to/forgeops/docker/gatling directory.

  5. Run the simulation:

    $ gradle clean; gradle gatlingRun-am.AMRestAuthNSim

    When the simulation is complete, the name of a file containing the test results appears near the end of the output.

  6. Open the file containing the test results in a browser to review the results.

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