CDM removal: EKS

This page describes the legacy CDM implementation, which will be deprecated in an upcoming release. We strongly recommend that you transition to the current CDM implementation as soon as possible.

To remove the CDM from EKS when you’re done working with it:

  1. Run the skaffold delete command to shut down your deployment and remove it from your namespace. For example:

    $ cd /path/to/forgeops
    $ skaffold delete --profile small
    Cleaning up…​
  2. Remove your cluster:

    1. Change to the directory that contains the cluster removal script:

      $ cd /path/to/forgeops/cluster/eks
    2. Run the cluster removal script. Specify the YAML file that contains the configuration for your cluster size. For example:

      $ ./ small.yaml
      The "small" cluster will be deleted. This action cannot be undone.
      Press any key to continue, or CTRL+C to quit
      1. Press Enter to proceed with cluster and data removal.

        Do you want to delete all PVCs allocated by this
        cluster (recommended for dev clusters)? [Y/N]
      2. Enter Y to confirm that you want to remove all the data created by this cluster, or enter N if you don’t want to delete the data.

        Draining all nodes
        node/ip-. . . .ec2.internal cordoned
        node/ip-. . . .ec2.internal cordoned
        . . .
        Deleting cluster "small"
        . . . [ℹ]  eksctl version 0.62.0
        . . . [ℹ]  using region us-east-1
        . . . [ℹ]  deleting EKS cluster "small"
        . . . [ℹ]  deleted 0 Fargate profile(s)
        . . . [✔]  kubeconfig has been updated
        . . . [ℹ]  cleaning up AWS load balancers created by Kubernetes objects of Kind Service or Ingress
        . . . [ℹ]  2 sequential tasks: { delete nodegroup "primary", delete cluster control plane "small" }
        . . . [ℹ]  will delete stack "eksctl-small-nodegroup-primary"
        . . . [ℹ]  waiting for stack "eksctl-small-nodegroup-primary" to get deleted
        . . .
        . . . [ℹ]  will delete stack "eksctl-small-cluster"
        . . . [ℹ]  waiting for CloudFormation stack "eksctl-small-cluster"
        . . .
        . . . [✔]  all cluster resources were deleted
  3. Run the kubectx command.

    The Kubernetes context for the CDM cluster should not appear in the kubectx command output.

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