PingGateway 2024.6


Provides a default throttling rate if the delegating throttling policy returns null.


   "name": string,
   "type": "ThrottlingFilter",
   "config": {
       "requestGroupingPolicy": expression,
       "throttlingRatePolicy": {
           "type": "DefaultRateThrottlingPolicy",
           "config": {
               "delegateThrottlingRatePolicy": ThrottlingRatePolicy reference,
               "defaultRate": {
                   "numberOfRequests": configuration expression<number>,
                   "duration": configuration expression<duration>


"delegateThrottlingRatePolicy": ThrottlingRatePolicy reference, required

The policy to which the default policy delegates the throttling rate. The DefaultRateThrottlingPolicy delegates management of throttling to the policy specified by delegateThrottlingRatePolicy.

If delegateThrottlingRatePolicy returns null, the defaultRate is used.

For information about policies to use, refer to MappedThrottlingPolicy and ScriptableThrottlingPolicy.

"defaultRate": object, required

The default throttling rate to apply if the delegating policy returns null.

"numberOfRequests": configuration expression<integer>, required

The number of requests allowed through the filter in the time specified by "duration".

"duration": configuration expression<duration>, required

A time interval during which the number of requests passing through the filter is counted.


For an example of how this policy is used, refer to Example of a Scriptable Throttling Policy.

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