PingGateway 2024.6


Supports client authentication with the private_key_jwt client-assertion, using a signed and encrypted JWT.

Clients send a signed and encrypted JWT to the Authorization Server. PingGateway builds, signs and encrypts the JWT, and prepares the request as in the following example:

POST /token HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

client_assertion=PHNhbWxwOl ... ZT

Use this filter with an endpoint Handler that requires authentication with the private_key_jwt client-assertion, using an encrypted JWT. For example, the endpointHandler handler in the OAuth2TokenExchangeFilter.


  "name": string,
  "type": "EncryptedPrivateKeyJwtClientAuthenticationFilter",
  "config": {
    "encryptionAlgorithm": configuration expression<enumeration>,
    "encryptionMethod": configuration expression<string>,
    "encryptionSecretId": configuration expression<secret-id>,
    "clientId": configuration expression<string>,
    "tokenEndpoint": configuration expression<url>,
    "secretsProvider": SecretsProvider reference,
    "signingSecretId": configuration expression<string>,
    "signingAlgorithm": configuration expression<string>,
    "jwtExpirationTimeout": configuration expression<duration>,
    "claims": map or configuration expression<map>


"encryptionAlgorithm": configuration expression<string>, required

The algorithm name used for encryption and decryption. Use algorithm names from Java Security Standard Algorithm Names.

"encryptionMethod": configuration expression<string>, optional

The algorithm method to use for encryption. Use algorithms from RFC 7518, section-5.1.

"encryptionSecretId": configuration expression<secret-id>, required

The secret-id of the keys used to encrypt the JWT.

This secret ID must point to a CryptoKey.

"clientId": configuration expression<string>, required

The client_id obtained when registering with the Authorization Server.

"tokenEndpoint": configuration expression<url>, required

The URL to the Authorization Server’s OAuth 2.0 token endpoint.

"secretsProvider": SecretsProvider reference, required

The SecretsProvider to query for passwords and cryptographic keys.

"signingSecretId": configuration expression<string>, required

Reference to the keys used to sign the JWT.

This secret ID must point to a CryptoKey.

"signingAlgorithm": configuration expression<string>, optional

The JSON Web Algorithm (JWA) used to sign the JWT, such as:

  • RS256: RSA using SHA-256

  • ES256: ECDSA with SHA-256 and NIST standard P-256 elliptic curve

  • ES384: ECDSA with SHA-384 and NIST standard P-384 elliptic curve

  • ES512: ECDSA with SHA-512 and NIST standard P-521 elliptic curve

Default: RS256

"jwtExpirationTimeout": configuration expression<duration>, optional

The duration for which the JWT is valid.

Default: 1 minute

"claims": map or configuration expression<map>, optional

A map of one or more data pairs with the format Map<String, Object>, where:

  • The key is the name of a claim used in authentication

  • The value is the value of the claim, or a configuration expression that evaluates to the value

The following formats are allowed:

  "args": {
    "string": "configuration expression<string>",
  "args": "configuration expression<map>"

Default: Empty

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