PingGateway 2024.6


Provides the properties of an identity request JWT issued by PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud to PingGateway as part of an PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud authentication journey with an IdentityGatewayAssertionNode node.

The context is created by the IdentityAssertionHandler.


The context is named identityRequestJwt, and is accessible at ${contexts.identityRequestJwt}. The context has the following properties:

"dataClaims": java.util.Map

Map of claims that can be required by a plugin, in the format Map<String,Object>, where:

  • Key: Claim name

  • Value: Claim value

Claims are documented on a per-plugin basis.

If no claim is provided, this is an empty map.

"nonce": java.lang.String

Unique ID generated by the IdentityGatewayAssertionNode and returned in the identity assertion JWT.

Can’t be null


The URL on which to send the identity assertion JWT.

Can’t be null

"version": java.lang.String

The JWT version; only the value v1 is supported.

Can’t be null

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