PingGateway 2024.6


Provides the properties of a JWT after validation. When the JwtValidationFilter validates a JWT, or the IdTokenValidationFilter validates an id_token, it injects a copy of the JWT and its claims into this context.


The context is named jwtValidation, and is accessible at ${contexts.jwtValidation}. The context has the following properties:

"value": java.lang.String

The value of the JWT. Cannot be null.

"claims": org.forgerock.json.jose.jwt.JwtClaimsSet

A copy of the claims as a JwtClaimsSet.

"info": java.util.Map

A map in the format Map<String,Object>, where:

  • Key: Claim name

  • Value: Claim value

"jwt": org.forgerock.json.jose.jwt.Jwt

A copy of the JWT.

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