PingGateway 2024.6


Use a script to return a resource URL to include in policy decision requests to AM. The result of the script must be a string that represents a resource URL. The PolicyEnforcementFilter uses the returned resource URL as a key to identify cached policy decisions.

To increase performance, use ScriptableResourceUriProvider in conjunction with AM policies to maximize the the cache hit ratio.

When a request matches a cached policy decision, PingGateway can reuse the decision without asking AM for a new decision. When caching is disabled, PingGateway must ask AM to make a decision for each request.


"resourceUriProvider": {
  "type": "ScriptableResourceUriProvider",
  "config": {
    "type": configuration expression<string>,
    "file": configuration expression<string>, // Use either "file"
    "source": [ string, ... ],                // or "source", but not both.
    "args": object,
    "clientHandler": Handler reference


For information about properties, refer to Scripts.

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