Certificate Manager

This page describes the legacy CDM implementation, which will be deprecated in an upcoming release. We strongly recommend that you transition to the current CDM implementation as soon as possible.

Use cert-manager when you deploy the CDM.

Remember, the CDM is a reference implementation and not for production use. When you create a project plan, you’ll need to determine how to manage certificates in production.

After you’ve finished deploying the CDM, you can use the CDM as a sandbox to explore deployment with a different certificate manager.

To deploy the Certificate Manager:

$ /path/to/forgeops/bin/ created created created created created created
namespace/cert-manager created
serviceaccount/cert-manager-cainjector created
serviceaccount/cert-manager created
serviceaccount/cert-manager-webhook created created
. . .
service/cert-manager created
service/cert-manager-webhook created
deployment.apps/cert-manager-cainjector created
deployment.apps/cert-manager created
deployment.apps/cert-manager-webhook created created created
deployment.extensions/cert-manager-webhook condition met created
secret/certmanager-ca-secret created

After you’ve deployed the Certificate Manager, check the status of the pods in the cert-manager namespace until all the pods are ready:

$ kubectl get pods --namespace cert-manager
NAME                                              READY STATUS    RESTARTS AGE
cert-manager-6d5fd89bdf-khj5w                     1/1   Running   0        3m57s
cert-manager-cainjector-7d47d59998-h5b48          1/1   Running   0        3m57s
cert-manager-webhook-6559cc8549-8vdtp             1/1   Running   0        3m56s

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