Azure subscription setup

This page describes the legacy CDM implementation, which will be deprecated in an upcoming release. We strongly recommend that you transition to the current CDM implementation as soon as possible.

This page outlines the steps that the Cloud Deployment Team took when setting up an Azure subscription before deploying the CDM.

Perform these steps before you deploy the CDM:

  1. Assign the following roles to users who will deploy the CDM:

    • Azure Kubernetes Service Cluster Admin Role

    • Azure Kubernetes Service Cluster User Role

    • Contributor

    • User Access Administrator

    Remember, the CDM is a reference implementation, and is not for production use. The roles you assign in this step are suitable for the CDM. When you create a project plan, you’ll need to determine which Azure roles are required.

  2. Log in to Azure services as a user with the roles you assigned in the previous step:

    $ az login --username my-user-name
  3. View your current subscription ID:

    $ az account show
  4. If necessary, set the current subscription ID to the one you will use to deploy the CDM:

    $ az account set --subscription my-subscription-id
  5. Determine the region where you’ll deploy the CDM. Then, set that region as the default location for the Azure CLI. For example:

    $ az configure --defaults location=westus2

    When changing the region for deploying the CDM:

    • The region must support AKS.

    • The subscription, resource groups, and resources you create for your AKS cluster must reside in the same region.

  6. Determine the cluster size: small, medium, or large.

  7. Ensure that your region has an adequate CPU quota for the CDM:

    1. Change to the /path/to/forgeops/cluster/aks directory.

    2. Open the script that sets environment variables for your selected cluster size. For example, open the script if you’re going to deploy a small-sized cluster.

    3. Locate the statements that set the VM_SIZE and DS_VM_SIZE environment variables.

    4. Your quotas need to let you allocate six machines of each type in your region. If your quotas are too low, request and wait for a quota increase from Microsoft before attempting to create your CDM cluster.

  8. The CDM uses Azure Container Registry (ACR) for storing Docker images.

    If you do not have a container registry in your subscription, create one.

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