IDM 7.4.1

Progressive profile completion and metadata

Progressive profiling is deprecated and will be removed in a future release of IDM. For more information, refer to Deprecation.

Progressive profile completion requires that you track object metadata. Configure tracking of the following data:

  • createDate: The date the user was created; used in the onCreateUser.js script in the openidm/bin/defaults/script directory.

  • loginCount: The number of logins, by user.

  • stagesCompleted: Used to track progressive profile forms, and whether they’ve been completed, by user.

User acceptance of Terms & Conditions is tracked by default (see Terms & Conditions).

Defining overall profile completion

A user profile is based on every item in managed.json where both viewable and userEditable are set to true. Every qualifying item has equal weight.

So, if there are 20 qualifying items in managed.json, a user who has entries for 10 items has a Profile completion percentage of 50.

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