IDM 7.4.1

Fixed issues

IDM 7.4.1

The following important bugs were fixed in this release:

  • OPENIDM-19203: Admin UI lists unsafe hashing algorithms

  • OPENIDM-19244: Workflow will not work if upgrade from IDM v7.0.4 to 7.3

  • OPENIDM-19467: Transformation script compile error in one mapping breaks another mapping

IDM 7.4.0

The following important bugs were fixed in this release:

  • OPENIDM-18405: Admin UI pagination disabled for array of relationships/roles when using JDBC repo

  • OPENIDM-18655: pagedResultsOffset on SpecReference query does not work when using sortKeys

  • OPENIDM-18737: Field Policy Service does not handle multivalued required attributes

  • OPENIDM-18743: IDM throws a NPE when operationOptions{} is defined in the provisioner

  • OPENIDM-18774: Sync queue fails to initialise when mapping defined in individual file is updated

  • OPENIDM-18822: Query on relationship endpoint with paging takes too long to return with DS as repo

  • OPENIDM-18875: Incorrect behaviour in handling variables in workflow subprocesses

  • OPENIDM-18896: SpecReference not retrieving all vertex fields when _fields is present and empty

  • OPENIDM-18897: Signal cycle detection logic must be abrogated in override assignment processing

  • OPENIDM-18983: SpecReference - not retrieving vertex fields when removal of relationships ou support is not enabled

  • OPENIDM-18988: Anonymous info/ping results in query of the anonymous user in DS in IDC

  • OPENIDM-19139: Merry-go-round upon signal receipt will erase RDVP fields not returned by default

  • OPENIDM-19161: Boolean properties in managed user are always visible on End User UI

  • OPENIDM-19216: The clustered recon resilience scheme will fail if identities in a recovered page are mutated during recovery

  • OPENIDM-19225: Scheduler shutdown semantics incorrect

  • OPENIDM-19238: SAP Connector label missing from IDM translation.json file

  • OPENIDM-19240: Cannot invoke "java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicInteger.intValue()" because the return value of "java.util.Map.get(Object)" is null

  • OPENIDM-19248: CREST Proxy incorrectly downgrading to Protocol v1 when communicating with IDM 7.x and beyond

ICF/Connector fixes

For a current list fixes in the latest version of the ICF connectors, refer to the ICF documentation.
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