Known issues

This topic lists issues that remain open at the time of release.

ICF/Connector issues

  • OPENICF-1365: PyForge: Triggered livesync using timestamps on a custom object returns HTTP 500

  • OPENICF-1826: Java RCS: IDM RuntimeExceptionHandler throws NPE when we stop RCS Client with SSL and shutdown IDM

  • OPENICF-1905: Database Table Connector: Error when using __NAME__ and pr operator in queryFilter

  • OPENICF-1982: Java RCS: Installing and uninstalling RCS as a Windows service always prints a successful message

  • OPENICF-1983: Java RCS: Success message when installing RCS as multiple Windows services

  • OPENICF-1991: Java RCS: No logging when we start RCS with /run and then /install as a Windows service

  • OPENICF-2147: MSGraphAPI Connector: Passthrough authentication rejects correct credentials on B2C tenants

  • OPENICF-2193: GoogleApps Connector: pagedResultsCookie is no longer returned for pages with 0 results

  • OPENICF-2211: RCS failover documentation is incorrect

  • OPENICF-2223: MS Graph API Connector: query filter using pr does not work

  • OPENICF-2234: ScriptedSQL Connector: Throws "Unable to load FastStringService"

  • OPENICF-2235: AS400 Connector: connectionTimeout setting is incorrectly applied to the maxLifetime pooled connections

  • OPENICF-2256: Framework: RPC RequestDistributorTest unit test intermittently fails

  • OPENICF-2258: MSGraphAPI Connector: Clicking on Directory Role Template gives oData error

  • OPENICF-2265: MS Graph API Connector: Invalid filter clause when paging certain filtered results

  • OPENICF-2289: SCIM Connector: Update operation fails on Salesforce using scimv2

  • OPENICF-2302: LDAP Connector: createFullConfig doesn’t throw a uniform error when invalid connection details provided

  • OPENICF-2319: SCIM Connector: GoTo system returns non-404 code when trying to read a deleted record

  • OPENICF-2348: ServiceNow Connector: query filter on non-existing id returns HTTP 404

  • OPENICF-2349: ServiceNow Connector: query filter with complex expression including negation ! doesn’t work

  • OPENICF-2364: Java RCS: Scheduled liveSync stops and recovers on its own at random times

  • OPENICF-2369: MSGraphAPI Connector: Attributes embedded in the additionalDataManager should be exposed upon request

  • OPENICF-2399: HubSpot Connector: can return wrong OWNER when single querying

  • OPENICF-2403: Marketo Connector: cannot get the list of all leads when the result set is paged by the external system

  • OPENICF-2416: SAP Connector: InternalServerError thrown when requesting _pagedResultsOffset which exceeds number of available records

  • OPENICF-2422: ServiceNow Connector: costCenter attribute is missing from provisioner schema

  • OPENICF-2495: SCIM Connector: Do not log failure to retrieve AccessToken issued_at time at SEVERE level

  • OPENICF-2501: Java RCS: Unable to set key when full path to properties file specified in ConnectorServer.bat script

  • OPENICF-2516: SAP Connector: Unsupported Filter operators are not rejected by the connector

  • OPENICF-2518: SAP Connector: Info level logging is overused in this connector

  • OPENICF-2539: Dropbox connector: improve error handling that throws java.lang.IllegalStateException

  • OPENICF-2541: LDAP Connector: switching between changelog and timestamp livesync throws HTTP 500

  • OPENICF-2581: Java RCS: "waiting to connect" issue when IDM restarts

  • OPENICF-2629: SaasCommon: HTTP client default headers need to be defined per operation basis

  • OPENICF-2670: SaaS Common: Admin UI allows saving bad configuration values

  • OPENICF-2677: SCIM Connector: attribute duplication on PATCH caused by presence of __NAME__ and,userName or displayName, on provisioner file for V2

  • OPENICF-2686: SuccessFactors Connector: default headers should not be defined at HTTP client level

  • OPENICF-2758: Oracle EBS Connector: crashes after a period of inactivity

  • OPENICF-2761: Oracle EBS Connector: Unable to create EBS User

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