ICF operation options

The ICF framework supports the following predefined operation options:

Some connectors support only a subset of these options.


An option to use with Search (in conjunction with the Container option) that specifies how far beneath the container to search. Must be one of the following values:





An option to use with Search that specifies the container under which to perform the search. Must be of type QualifiedUid. Should be implemented for those object classes whose ObjectClassInfo.isContainer() returns true.

Run as User

An option that specifies an account under which to execute the script or operation. The specified account will appear to have performed any action that the script or operation performs.

Run with Password

An option to use with Script on Resource that specifies a password under which to execute the script or operation.

Attributes to Get

Determines which attributes to retrieve during Search and Sync. This option overrides the default behavior, which is for the connector to return the precise set of attributes identified as returned by default in the schema for that connector.

This option allows a client application to request additional attributes that would not otherwise not be returned (generally because such attributes are more expensive for a connector to fetch and to format) or to request only a subset of the attributes that would normally be returned.

Paged Results Offset

An option to use with Search that specifies the index within the result set of the first result which should be returned.

Page Size

An option to use with Search that specifies the requested page results page size.

Sort Keys

An option to use with Search that specifies the sort keys that should be used for ordering the connector object returned by search request.

Fail on Error

This option is used with the Batch operation to specify whether the batch process should be aborted when the first error is encountered. The default behavior is to continue processing regardless of errors.

Require Serial

This option instructs the connector to execute batched requests in a serial manner, if possible. The default behavior of the Batch operation is to execute requests in parallel, for speed and efficiency. In either case the task ID must be reflected in the response for each task so that tasks can be correctly reordered.

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