Script on connector operation

The script on connector operation runs a script in the environment of the connector. This is different to the script on resource operation, which runs a script on the target resource that the connector manages.

The corresponding API operation (scriptOnConnectorApiOp) provides a minimum contract to which the connector must adhere. (Refer to the javadoc for more information). If you do not implement the scriptOnConnector interface in your connector, the framework provides a default implementation. If you intend your connector to provide more to the script than what is required by this minimum contract, you must implement the scriptOnConnectorOp interface.

Use the ICF script on connector operation

The API operation allows an application to run a script in the context of any connector.

This operation runs the script in the same JVM or .Net Runtime as the connector. That is, if you are using a local framework, the script runs in your JVM. If you are connected to a remote framework, the script runs in the remote JVM or .Net Runtime.

Consumption of the ScriptOnConnector operation, at the API Level
public void runScriptOnConnectorTest() {
    logger.info("Running RunScriptOnConnector Test");
    final ConnectorFacade facade = createConnectorFacade(BasicConnector.class, null);
    final OperationOptionsBuilder builder = new OperationOptionsBuilder();
    builder.setRunWithPassword(new GuardedString("Passw0rd".toCharArray()));

    final ScriptContextBuilder scriptBuilder =
            new ScriptContextBuilder("Groovy", "return argument");
    scriptBuilder.addScriptArgument("argument", "value");

    Object result = facade.runScriptOnConnector(scriptBuilder.build(), builder.build());
    Assert.assertEquals(result, "value");

Implement the script on connector operation

The scriptOnConnector SPI operation takes the following parameters:

  • request - the script and the arguments to be run

  • options - additional options that control how the script is run

The operation returns the result of the script. The return type must be a type that the framework supports for serialization. Refer to the ObjectSerializerFactory javadoc for a list of supported return types.

Implementation of the ScriptOnConnector operation, at the SPI Level
public Object runScriptOnConnector(ScriptContext request, OperationOptions options) {
    final ScriptExecutorFactory factory =
    final ScriptExecutor executor =
            factory.newScriptExecutor(getClass().getClassLoader(), request.getScriptText(),

    if (StringUtil.isNotBlank(options.getRunAsUser())) {
        String password = SecurityUtil.decrypt(options.getRunWithPassword());
        // Use these to execute the script with these credentials
    try {
        return executor.execute(request.getScriptArguments());
    } catch (Throwable e) {
        logger.warn(e, "Failed to execute Script");
        throw ConnectorException.wrap(e);
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