Script on resource operation

The script on resource operation runs a script directly on the target resource (unlike the Script on connector operation, which runs a script in the context of a specific connector.)

Implement this interface if your connector intends to support the ScriptOnResourceApiOp API operation. If your connector implements this interface, you must document the script languages that the connector supports, as well as any supported OperationOptions.

Use the ICF script on resource operation

The contract at the API level is intentionally very loose. Each connector decides what script languages it supports, what running a script on a target resource actually means, and what script options (if any) the connector supports.

Consumption of the ScriptOnResource operation, at the API Level
public void runScriptOnResourceTest() {
    logger.info("Running RunScriptOnResource Test");
    final ConnectorFacade facade = createConnectorFacade(BasicConnector.class, null);
    final OperationOptionsBuilder builder = new OperationOptionsBuilder();
    builder.setRunWithPassword(new GuardedString("Passw0rd".toCharArray()));

    final ScriptContextBuilder scriptBuilder = new ScriptContextBuilder("bash", "whoami");

    Object result = facade.runScriptOnResource(scriptBuilder.build(), builder.build());
    Assert.assertEquals(result, "admin");

Implement the script on resource operation

The scriptOnResource SPI operation takes the following parameters:

  • request - the script and the arguments to be run

  • options - additional options that control how the script is run

The operation returns the result of the script. The return type must be a type that the framework supports for serialization. Refer to the ObjectSerializerFactory javadoc for a list of supported return types.

Implementation of the ScriptOnResource operation, at the SPI Level
public Object runScriptOnResource(ScriptContext request, OperationOptions options) {
    try {
        // Execute the script on remote resource
        if (StringUtil.isNotBlank(options.getRunAsUser())) {
            String password = SecurityUtil.decrypt(options.getRunWithPassword());
            // Use these to execute the script with these credentials
            return options.getRunAsUser();
        throw new UnknownHostException("Failed to connect to remote SSH");
    } catch (Throwable e) {
        logger.warn(e, "Failed to execute Script");
        throw ConnectorException.wrap(e);
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