.NET RCS release notes

Refer to Connector framework release notes for details regarding any changes to the ICF Connector Framework that can affect RCS behavior.

Unless you have a specific need for the .NET version of the remote connector server (RCS), such as needing to use the PowerShell connector toolkit, we recommend using the Java-based remote connector server instead.

Connection improvements
  • .NET remote connector server should be able to initiate connection to IDM (OPENICF-731)

  • Client mode should support IDM authentication (OPENICF-1311)

  • Unable to start in client mode when no intervals used (OPENICF-1314)

  • When we attempt to stop in client mode, the connection is re-initiated (OPENICF-1315)

  • ConnectorObject should default the Name to Uid if Name is not present (OPENICF-1318)

  • Add the ability to connect to multiple IDM endpoints (OPENICF-1376)

  • Connection TTL should be in seconds (OPENICF-1626)

  • ConnectionGroup fixes for improved connection handling (OPENICF-1630)

  • Handle failure HTTP status codes when requesting OAuth 2.0 tokens (OPENICF-1631)

  • Fix handshake timing problem (OPENICF-1682)

  • Prevent use of websockets that are about to be closed (OPENICF-1685)

  • Ensure that IDM gets notification that a websocket is about to be closed (OPENICF-1700)

  • Stagger connection starts if webSocketConnections > 1 (OPENICF-1706)

  • SocketClosingSoonException introduces null values that break protobuf3 (OPENICF-2001)

  • Improve stability of RCS WebSocket connection management (OPENICF-2008)

  • If OAuth token endpoint is defined, .NET RCS still tries to use Basic Auth to connect to ID Cloud (OPENICF-2188)

  • Support for HTTP proxy authentication (OPENICF-2197)

  • Closing WebSockets are not handled properly (OPENICF-2217)

Configuration improvements
  • Separate config properties in the ConnectorServerService.exe.Config (OPENICF-1313)

  • Make Pong interval configurable (OPENICF-1362)

  • Update default properties values (OPENICF-1628)

  • Support for hostId (OPENICF-1512)

  • Align HTTP proxy property names with Java RCS (OPENICF-2204)

PowerShell connector now included with .NET connector server
  • Embed the PowerShell connector with the .NET connector server (OPENICF-1906)

  • Align PowerShell connector version number with the .NET RCS version (OPENICF-1962)

  • Integrate the PowerShell samples in the project (OPENICF-1970)

  • PowerShell connector: Query might return HTTP 500 when sorting by some properties (OPENICF-2205)

  • AD PowerShell samples should filter __NAME__ as a sort key (OPENICF-2172)

Dependency updates and cleanup
  • Update and cleanup some dependencies. (OPENICF-1963, OPENICF-1971)

  • Upgrade protocol buffer version and package (OPENICF-1836, OPENICF-2173)

  • Upgrade .NET framework (OPENICF-1707)

  • Fix the Wix project, get rid of legacy dlls (OPENICF-1913)

  • Exception upon start due to a missing dependency (OPENICF-1951)

General fixes and improvements
  • Sporadic issues managing RCS-hosted connectors through IDM Native Admin Console (OPENICF-2011)

  • Query filter on name attribute with pageSize and pagedResultsCookie returns HTTP 500 (OPENICF-1954)

  • PagedResultsCookie should be set to null if empty when deserialized from protobuf message (OPENICF-1679)

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