Delete operation

The delete operation interface enables the connector to delete an object on the target system. The operation includes one method (delete()). The method takes an ObjectClass, a Uid, and any operation options.

The connector should call the native delete methods to remove the object, specified by its unique ID.

Use the ICF delete operation

The following exceptions are thrown by the Delete API operation:

  • UnknownUidException - the UID does not exist on the resource

Consumption of the Delete Operation, at the API Level
public void deleteTest() {
    logger.info("Running Delete Test");
    final ConnectorFacade facade = createConnectorFacade(BasicConnector.class, null);
    final OperationOptionsBuilder builder = new OperationOptionsBuilder();
    facade.delete(ObjectClass.ACCOUNT, new Uid("username"), builder.build());

Implement the delete operation

Implementation of the Delete Operation, at the SPI Level
public void delete(final ObjectClass objectClass, final Uid uid, final OperationOptions options) {
    if (ObjectClass.ACCOUNT.equals(objectClass) || ObjectClass.GROUP.equals(objectClass)) {
        // do real delete here
    } else {
        logger.warn("Delete of type {0} is not supported", configuration.getConnectorMessages()
                .format(objectClass.getDisplayNameKey(), objectClass.getObjectClassValue()));
        throw new UnsupportedOperationException("Delete of type"
                + objectClass.getObjectClassValue() + " is not supported");
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